Key State Legislation

Our 2014 - 2015 State Legislation Efforts

1.  Academic Credit for Military Service

2.  State Tuition Assistance for all National Guard Service Members

3.  Free Hunting and Fishing licenses for active drilling members of the National Guard

4.  Free Discover Pass for active drilling members of the National Guard

Active WA State Legislation

1.  HB 2668/SB 6400 Health and Dental Coverage for National Guard Members Ranks E-1 Through E-5

2.  HB 5812 Tax Credit for businesses hiring vets

3.  HB 1859/SB 5970 Requires that military train and experience fulfill licensing requirements for certain professions

4.  HB 1858 Academic Credit for Military Training

5.  SB 5318 Speeds up eligibility for resident for tuition for vets and current active members of the military

For bill information go to Washington State Bill Information here.

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