Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The National Guard Association of Washington provides the highest quality support to our members and families with a focus on lobbying for, and securing, the most effective legislation maximizing your benefits and resources.

Our Vision

To be a visible and vocal advocate for our members, to pursue policies that protect benefits, enhance entitlements, and preserve the future of our Guard. 

Our Priorities

1. Advocate for policies that facilitate employment opportunities for our State's National Guard Soldiers and Airmen.

2. Support efforts for reduced to free tuition assistance to the highest quality education and technical schools for our State's National Guard Soldiers and Airmen.

3. Assure that the State's National Guard Soldiers and Airmen have access to affordable health and dental care.

4. Protect the lives and property of Washingtonians by advocating policies that enhance the National Guard's capabilities as first responders.

5. Improve the readiness and capabilities of the National Guard by securing new land and funding for armories and readiness centers.

6. Support legislation that keeps drilling affordable for Soldiers and Airmen by opposing cuts to drill pay.

7. Advocate for the support of legislation that expands and enhances current benefits that increase the recruiting and retention of our Soldiers and Airmen.

8. Defend and advocate for an increase in force structure as it increases the economic benefit for the State.

Your Only Voice

We are your voice...

Without your membership, our voice is diminished at both the State and National level. We urgently need your help and support. Join today and keep our Guard strong!

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